Alliyah Enyo

Her name is in of itself a cycle and so I breathe. Breathe life into my ecosystem through song, through dance, through ritual.

I embed my emotional landscape into stories of mythology that resonate. This creates a space which is fictioned, a fragile world of scattered fragments, the remnants embedded into myths. A layering of organic dust particles settling into rock formations.

*Skin into landscape, mind into myth*

To resonate with female icons is to create a free fall. With the fall, the emotional material becomes free to connect with other stories, extending the thread of their life. This creates an immersive deep time state, a ‘worlding’ experience I can nest inside. My fragmented methodology connects the voice to the electronic. Using looping technologies, durational performance and movement, my process reflects my experiences of disorientation in time. What was once linear has now become cyclical, even magical.

*The whites of your eyes echo future songs*

Phenomena in sound are mirrored with the icons I explore. Currently I’m exploring the character of Echo, mirroring the emotional sound phenomena by playing with organic and electronic vessels to create this.

*I’ll only echo and dance among the ruins*

Vocals reverberate and resonate into the ether, incanting the body to a place beyond what we can control or categorise. I operate in the space of ...

*The invisible ruin that burns between us*