Ceramic Artworks

Aphotic Archaeology Series

Aphotic Pearl
Raku ceramic, 10x5x2xcm, 2023

   After the Tides and Before the Moon
Raku ceramic, 20x20x5xcm, 2023

Light is the Left Hand of Darkness and Darkness the Right Hand of Light
Raku ceramic, 10x8x8cm, 2023

Hooded Figure in Ocean Forest
Raku Ceramic (8x9x4cm) and Pewter Casts (2x3x2cm), 2023

Aphotic Matter 
Raku ceramic, 30x20x20cm, 2023

Hooded Figure 
Raku Ceramic, 8x9x4cm, 2023

Vessel for Water Blessings
Raku Ceramic, 10x8x5cm, 2023

Ocean Cave 
Raku Ceramic, 11x4x5cm, 2023

*Alliyah Enyo*Ascension Destruction* Her name is in of itself a cycle and so I breathe, breathe life into my ecosystem through song, through dance, through ritual.

My interdisciplinary practice gravitates towards embodied and meditative processes. I believe frequencies in sound are healing and that ceramic processes offer a ritualistic process that transforms the mind through matter. My work exists as a myth, folklore or science fiction story in which sound and archaeological relics can be audibley and visibly discovered within in a site specific space.

While on residency with Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop for over 10 months 2022-2023, I have begun developing these stories, writing my own science fiction worlds which reveals my interests regarding perceptions of time and queer ecological perspectives.
I now accompany these sound works with sculptural relics, which have been used as performance objects that are ‘activated’ allowing the audience to peer into a different time period in which the archaeology site exists. These ceramic artworks are made using Raku processes and have recently experimented with clay works from local earth beds in an effort to experiment with more sustainable practices.