Alliyah Enyo

Interdisciplinary Artist

Instagram @alliyahenyo

BA Hons Edinburgh College of Art
Leeds College of Art Extended Diploma Distinction*

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Alliyah's interdisciplinary practice gravitates towards embodied and meditative processes. Believing frequencies in sound are healing, she harnesses ritualisation to create ‘Sonorous Myth’ installations and performances. Her process involves designing, recording, and archiving sound. Using field recordings like archaeological objects, memories are preserved and discovered throughout her soundscapes, echoing and resonating, reflecting her interest in ‘echoic memory’. The work exists as a ‘mythologisation’ of her emotional landscape, embedding ancient stories into emotional layers that are slowly peeled away. Woven soundscapes are multi-layered as if growing, crafted through her use of analogue hardware.

Alliyah Enyo is currently based in Edinburgh holding a sound art residency with Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop as part of the Youth Bursary Award programme. She recently performed her 9 month collaborative project ‘Selkie Reflections’ for Hidden Door festival, working with dancers and classical musicians exploring Siren and Selkie myth. Her work is supported by artists such as Erika De Cassier and Lucinda Chua, supporting their shows or having her music played on their NTS radio shows. She has her first release *Echo’s Disintegration* coming this year with exciting  new label ‘Somewhere Between Tapes’ based in Glasgow. The release explores the mythology character Echo, harnessing natural echoic phenomena and conflating it with emotional experiences to diversify and empower feminine frequencies.


4th/5th September Fife, a collaborative exhibition by the sea, performing alongside artist Cal McCormack, integrating his poetry and visuals exploring themes of intimacy and connection through the experience of clubbing. I performed a live set responding to his film- themes exploring dance music, euphoria, and contemporary trance like movements to mirror his imagery and poetics. I have also worked with Cal McCormack for his graduating film ‘Preserving Fruit’ to accompany his imagery with sound art which mirrored the emotional content explored.

2021 performance of live set *Echo’s Disintegration* harnessing field recordings, analogue technologies, the voice and improvised dance score. Sound work exploring the mythology character of Echo, an allegory to empower feminine frequencies and narratives.

2020- Displaying my work for an online context during the pandemic including an interview and film photography taken from movement projects in nature, scores exploring the connection of mythological themes within Scottish landscapes.

2021- I performed live as part of their Graduate showcase, opening and closing the festival with my performance. I reimagined my ‘Echo’s Disintegration’  project combining a live set with movement, spoken word and set design, retitled as ‘Narcissus’ Silvery Pool’.

2022- I was invited to commission my own project ‘Selkie Reflections’. I curated the work to collaborate with other Artists, Dancers, Musicans, Videographer and a Jeweller.  The 9 month project culminated in a final live show inside the incredible ‘old debating hall’ inside Edinburgh’s Old Royal High School as well as a sound installation across the basement corridoors titled ‘Selkie Tape Loops I,II,III’ featuring an ‘intervention’ performance. 

Live Show Highlights

St.John’s Church Bethnal Green                          
           London  10.12.2022

Otherlands Festival
Perth 19.08.2022

Hidden Door Festival
Edinburgh 11.06.2021, 12.06.2021

Greendoor Studios
Glasgow 06.07.2022

Erika De Cassier
Edinburgh 8.11.2021
Glasgow 9.11.2021

Callum Easter
Edinburgh 28.11.2021

Hidden Door Festival
Edinburgh 19.09.2021, 23.09.2021

DJ Highlights

Shy One 

Jacques Greene 

Giant Swan, Aya, 96 Back & Dansa
                      Fruitmarket Series Edinburgh

Sub Club


Donna Leake
             World Island Festival Leeds

Royal Scottish Academy


Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
                              March 2021-February 2022

Lost Map Records Visitation Project
                                    Island of Eigg 14.05.22-                                                                              21.05.22