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Visitations Music Residency

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1. uamh *cathair eaglais*
2. seinn *gainmheach*

Hailing from Leeds, and currently based in Edinburgh, interdisciplinary artist ALLIYAH ENYO has been creating an immersive and unique sonic world centred around themes of femininity and mythology, incorporating sound installation, music composition and production, DJ sets, choreography, photography, and sculpture.

Regularly transmitting through the capital’s eclectic independent radio station EHFM, and receiving Mix Of The Day from the esteemed Resident Advisor, Alliyah's DJ mixes are truly global in scope; fusing ambient soundscapes, leftfield electronica and intercultural traditional music, with non-Western soul and R&B rhythms. In her live performances, she combines acoustic and electronic processes to create ethereal choral symphonies, manipulating her voice with tape loops and digital effects - often expanding her vision through collaboration with artists across other disciplines. For Selkie Reflections, a recent live performance and sound installation piece commissioned by Hidden Door Festival, she assembled a cast of other musicians and dancers, working alongside costume makers, a videographer and jeweller.

During her VISITATIONS residency Alliyah recorded two meditative pieces, constructed around her celestial vocals, that each reflect the solitary nature of her experience. The track titles are literal English to Gaelic translations of the place names that inspired them - Cathedral Cave, and the Singing Sands - situated on opposite sides of Eigg. The first track is an emotive prayer, Alliyah’s voice layered and pitch-shifted to provide a sound bed upon which she delivers an isolated shivering incantation; the second is a more restorative exhalation, one that suggests healing, and acceptance.