S e l k i e  R e f l e c t i o n s    [ c o m i n g  s o o n  v i a  S o m w h e r e  P r e s s ]

i  d r e a m  w i d e  a w a k e  

Press Release -

“Alliyah sings to her dreams in darkness~ midnight by the ocean and shrouded in rainfall, her words cloaked as if summoning a lover. Harnessing traditional styles of wailing song and contemporary r&b, Alliyah has created a multi-spacial, multi-layered work which threads elements of studio recordings and home-made tape loops mixed with live site recordings. This work takes the form of a seductive yet lullaby song in order to slowly reveal its true intention~ to summon prophetic dreams.

Alliyah's sound piece is currently installed in Southwark's stunning concrete church, Dilston Gallery London, as part of her Aphotic Archaeology installation for the Jerwood Survey III Award. Alliyah will be activating her installation June 20th, 2024 by performing an extended live version which encapsulates an ethereal story echoing a futuristic aphotic apocalypse and the strange creature that awakens. Objects and relics from within the installation become unearthed using movement and vocal scores creating a haunting landscape.”


~ i dream wide awake ~
~ eyes wide open ~
~ i fall into a sleep ~
~ deep enough to drown me ~

E c h o’ s  D i s i n t e g r a t i o n

Press Release -

“Emerging from a live recording at St.Mary's Episcopal Cathedral in 2021, Alliyah Enyo’s ‘Echo’s Disintegration’ is a transformational project; a coded reflection on loss, metamorphosis and rebirth. It’s a work of two parts, each incarnation informed by the parameters of the recording environment. In the initial live performance, Alliyah harnesses the organic echo and reverb formed by the vast open space of the cathedral. Her luminous vocals break through a dense sea of layered noise, a reverberating wailing drenched in heartache.

Her words are fractured and frayed, broken into segments, and enshrouded in mysticism. Yet through the ambiguity, there’s an innate spirituality to the work; iridescent melodies are heightened by the imposing presence of the surroundings. The five studio tracks, made in retrospect, carry the live performance within the DNA of their reinterpreted sounds and loops. Recorded in Glasgow’s renowned Green Door Studio, constructed reel-to-reel tape loops further fragment and transform compositions, evoking the intoxicating tape feedback of Eliane Raidgue and the harrowing loops of William Basinski.

There’s a radiant clarity to the recordings, Alliyah’s voice implemented as the guiding instrument, the heady sensuality of her vocals layered and echoed in enchanting formation. Through the agony and longing, we reach reincarnation in the culminating euphoria of ‘the healer’. We’re left amongst the blissful reverberations of an awakened soul.”