HYMN *4 empty club*

Collaborative Performance & Photography Shoot
Photographer. Miriam Craddock
Set & Costume Designer. Oliver Jones
Videographer. Brogan Vandino
Jeweller & Performer. Alliyah Enyo

Dithyramb *4 Dionysus*

“I’m interested in the materiality of the voice and the technologies it can exist inside, an endless preservation of the voice as the original instrument. I take inspiration from classic mythology to create sound-centred artworks that empower feminine and emotional frequencies. Through poetic verse or voicings, I explore sounds that are free of language, referencing histories of female wailers. In my improvisational solo ‘jams,’ I aim to explore a return to the ritualistic experience of music, creating complex polyrhythmic harmonies which stem from my ancestral heritage through reference to Bulgarian and Romani folk choirs.” - Alliyah Enyo

*The ritual begins in the getting ready*

*surrender, kneel, remember how to feel*

Tender Touches *to touch another is to feel past lovers*

Woven Femme Armour *tanscending ego, freefall, letting go of the self*

*stroking the ether//dripping Godiva’s hair into Narcissus’ silvery pool*

*Look me in the eye and tell me what I can’t foresee,
a truth that the whites of our eyes echo future songs*

Nested Dreams *ear 4 ether echoes*

HYMN *4 empty club* 

Film Stills

HYMN *4 empty club*

Editorial Photography. Oliver Jones