Alliyah Enyo Embroidered Logo
Hand stitched silk and metallic thread on silk fabric
250cm x 300 cm

 Alliyah’s Arrival*Enyo’s Ether
      A5 Pencil and Oil Bar on Handmade Paper 

Alliyah Nested *in the looking glass*
A4 Pencil and Pen on Handmade Paper 

Alliyah Enyo’s Prophecy I
A6 Pen and Oil Bar on Paper

Alliyah Enyo’s Prophecy II
A4 Pen and Oil Bar on Paper 

*The whites of your eyes echo future songs*
A5 Pen on Paper 

Choral Fragmentation *4 the club*
A3 Ink on Handmade Paper

Echo’s Disintegration Poem 
A3 Ink on Handmade Paper 

Memory Box Scroll
A4 strip Ink on Handmade Paper 

A4 Strip, Ink on Handmade Paper