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"I have been exploring ideas surrounding the beginning of a club and how you make first 'contact' with the dancers who walk in," says Edinburgh DJ Alliyah Enyo about her new Contact mix series. "For me it's a kind of sci-fi experience because you're pulling strangers into your world of audio which can feel like such an alien experience—or at least that's how I want people to feel, like it's a vessel for discovery akin to space travel."Enyo pulls this off with an engaging selection of ambient, leftfield techno, reggaeton and other swung beats.

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Play this mix in a state of motion *emotion* energising the memory box to open, shedding light *golden* to reveal what’s been forgotten...

This mix has been a slow process, an act of fragmenting and layering forgotten voice notes and field recordings, interwoven with selections that draw upon feelings of nostalgia. The chosen productions empower divine feminine vocalisations, emotions and their creative powers.

*open the box to discover echoic memory*

I believe sound is the deepest sense in our connection to accessing subconscoius and emotional memory. Its materiality embeds itself deep in the mind, resonating and reverberating when called upon- transporting us to a forgotten time. Sound is endless. It is re-experienced over and over, capable of layering new memories upon old. It infinitely transforms, infinitely re-creates.

When I put this mix on I was compelled to move, to walk around Edinburgh with these old memories filling my ears, rediscovering them like a traveller. It fulfilled a need to feel is if I was breaking into new territory, exploring old memories in rehearsed walks somehow felt like something new. Tenderly touching each memory with every step, collapsing the space between past and present, creating a space for daydreaming.

*deep in slumber we sound a collective space for dreaming*

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